Digitalization of India’s Farming Sector for Sustainable Development and Advancing Agriculture 4.0

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Anjana Devi S C, Roopa Ajwal


The Indian economy is witnessing robust growth across sectors, with agriculture retaining its pivotal role in sustainable development. Despite advancements in telecommunication, infrastructure, garment, IT, and banking, agriculture continues to be a significant contributor to national revenue and employment. In response to challenges like limited productivity, the Government of India has introduced Agriculture 4.0, employing advanced technologies like robotics, IoT, AI, and big data to enhance sustainability and productivity. Precision agriculture, enabled by these technologies, has shown promising results, with significant growth projected for the future. This paper reviews the impact of Industry 4.0 technologies on Indian agriculture, focusing on the adoption of drones and the role of social media in promoting agricultural advancements. It identifies research gaps and objectives, emphasizing the need to analyse market potential and develop sustainable strategies. The methodology involves a meta-analysis of drone service providers, evaluating their efficiency through website and LinkedIn analyses. Moreover, it explores the transformative potential of digitalization in Agriculture 4.0, emphasizing the role of social media marketing campaigns by Indian companies. The findings highlight the importance of technology in promoting sustainable and resilient agrifood systems, highlighting the need for collaboration, training, and awareness to fully harness digital agriculture's potential.

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