Submission Guidelines

Journal of Informatics Education and Research
for Finance and Insurance
Submission Guidelines

Contributors are invited to submit manuscripts for publication in the Journal of Informatics Education and Research for Finance and Insurance that have not been published by nor are under review at another journal or as a book or book chapter. (Note if presented at conference or published in conference proceedings or as a working paper)

We are specifically looking for papers on reverse mortgages.

All submissions should include a cover letter and one electronic copy (diskette or e-mail) of the double-spaced manuscript. The manuscript should contain:a cover page with the title of the paper, all authors' names, affiliations, addresses, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses

  • a second page with the title, abstract (100-150 words).This should also include a general subject class ex: mortgages and then a sub selection class ex: reverse mortgages.
  • the manuscript itself (with NO author notation or indication)
  • references in APA format which must be complete (including volume and issue numbers) and must match text
  • appendices (if any)

    Upon submission, the editors will determine the suitability of the paper for the journal, then the manuscript will be blind-reviewed by three (3) reviewers. Authors should not identify themselves in the manuscript. In some cases, contributors will be encouraged to revise their manuscripts for a second round of reviews. Final publication decisions are made by the editors.

    If accepted, all articles are to include:
  • Detailed response to reviewer/editor recommendations
  • Author(s) biography
  • Written permission to reprint copyrighted material from another medium (this and any associated fees are the sole responsibility of the authors)
  • Revision which conform to initial submission guidelines
  • All authors must sign a "transfer of copyright" before paper publication.

    Send submissions to: