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Reverse Mortgage Back Issues

We would like to use this as a chance to thank our long time reverse mortgage friend RMA that has long been supplying us with information regarding reverse mortgages, HUD and the HECM programs necessary for the creation of our reverse mortgage articles.

Thank you

Back issues of our reverse mortgage articles from1994 up to the present are now available. All orders can be accommodated. Prices are as a follows: 

  • Ten articles (email version) - $10
  • Ten articles (printed version)- $15 (includes postage)

   You can choose from among the different articles, with titles indicated below: 

  1. The Long and Short of Reverse Mortgages
  2. FHA Reverse Mortgages VS Proprietary Reverse Mortgages
  3. If You Are A Senior But Not A Homeowner (Alternative Reverse Mortgage Solutions)
  4. There Goes The Money: The Many Ways To Spend Your Reverse Mortgage Money
  5. FHA Loan Limits In Different States In The United States
  6. The Top Ten Reverse Mortgage Companies In America
  7. Ringing Up The Numbers: How Many Seniors Have Benefited From Reverse Mortgages
  8. Ten Years On: Are Seniors Any Better With Reverse Mortgages
  9. Living The Retired Life: How Seniors Are Spending Their Reverse Mortgage Money
  10. Do They Really Need Reverse Mortgages: The Reverse Mortgage Brokers Guide
  11. Profile Of Reverse Mortgage Brokers In America
  12. How Federal Reserve Interest Rates Affect Reverse Mortgage Rates
  13. Going Sentimental: How Seniors Cope With A “Reverse Mortgaged” House
  14. Expanding The Market: Can Reverse Mortgages Be Offered To Middle Aged Homeowners?
  15. How Senior Citizens Really Feel About Reverse Mortgages
  16. How Reverse Mortgage Brokers Can Help Seniors Overcome Their Children’s Objections
  17. Twice The Size And Twice The Money: Jumbo Reverse Mortgages

 Choose ten titles from the titles indicated above. If you order the electronic version, we will send you a single pdf version containing all the articles you chose. Order the paper version and we will send you a bound booklet containing all the article titles you ordered.  
Fill up this request form now and and indicate the titles you want to order. A customer service representative will contact you soon after you send us your request to confirm your order. 

We will be adding more to our list of titles soon.