The Journal of Informatics Education and Research for Finance, Mortgages and Insurance. We are a premiere organization dedicated to the study and promotion of knowledge on mortgages and various types insurance.

Printed twice a year, the Journal is aims to give readers a chance to be associated with persons with an interest in finance, improve the public’s understanding of their own financial problems and an appreciation of the different finance products available as solutions. The journal is also aimed at providing an avenue for the exchange of financial ideas through reader feedback and encourage the study of finance, specifically related to reverse mortgages and insurance in the different colleges and universities.

Coverage Areas: Although the list is not prescriptive, JIER intends to focus on advances in the following sub-domains:

Types of Papers: The Journal accepts the following categories of papers:

  • Original research
  • Position papers/review papers
  • Short-papers (with well-defined ideas, but lacking research results or having preliminary results)
  • Technology Discussion/Overview Papers