A Bibliometric Review of Sales Performance Research in India: Trends and Future Directions

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Nitin Joshi, Krishnakant Lasune, Pankaj A. Nandurkar


     This study aims to examine the Scopus database's records of research developments in India's sales performance. Using VOS-viewer and R Biblioshiny tools, we retrieved 864 publication records relevant to Sales performance and performed a bibliometric analysis, looking at aspects like yearly scientific output, co-citation trends, author keywords, and journal bibliographic links. The research, particularly examined articles from 1977 to 2023, found a 7.25 percent yearly rise in linked papers, demonstrating its influence on academia. The four phases of sales success are revealed by theme mapping, with a focus on customer satisfaction, while co-citation and bibliographic coupling studies indicate important authors and textual linkages. But there are drawbacks, such as dependence on the Scopus database, possible differences with other databases, and the influence of data filters. This study provides insightful information on Sales in India.

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