“Fintech: A New Regime in Finance Sector”

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Suraj Sharma, Prasad Begde, Ajit Sane


Purpose – Measuring fintech's effectiveness and effect on the Indian financial system is the aim of the study. And study also covering the conceptual framework of Banking, non – Banking sectors, and other financial services.

Research Methodology – This research paper is based on desk and conceptual research. Data collection is based on secondary data such as journal articles, previous reports, newspaper, books and websites etc. Research design is indicating sequential knowledge of Fintech, new regimes, emerging trend and financial services.

Findings – The major finding in this research paper is to identify various fintech services in India. Simultaneously, elaborating the role of fintech in financial institutions, financial market and services such as banking, non-banking and other services.  This study has highly determined the role of fintech at present in India.

Value/Implications – Fintech is all about the umbrella of financial services offered by financial services companies through technology as well as improving and automation of financial services delivery to the consumer and service renders or investors. FinTech is a regulator and technology-based platform to serve financial services very smoothly.   The term FinTech is primarily used for innovation and people make smooth business as well as financial transactions.  It is valuable for the Financial Corporate, Firms and Individuals.

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