Talent Management: An Indispensable Part of Learning Organizations

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Shalu Kotwani, Anubhuti Sharma, Mahesh Joshi


Organizations implement talent management as a strategic approach to retain their most skilled employees and enhance overall performance. This entails identifying top talent, nurturing their development for future leadership roles, assessing and monitoring their performance, and implementing measures to retain them. The effectiveness of an organization heavily relies on the performance of its personnel. If employees possess unique competencies that competitors cannot replicate, the organization gains an instant competitive advantage. Consequently, organizations are prioritizing the development of efficient systems and processes for talent management to effectively manage this valuable human capital and drive growth and profitability.

Given the critical importance of retaining top talent, organizations invest significant efforts in retaining key personnel to prevent the loss of valuable knowledge and expertise. The study aimed to investigate the impact of talent management on employee satisfaction levels within specific learning organizations. The findings reveal that talent management significantly influences employees' levels of satisfaction and sense of belonging within the organization.

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