“Understanding Consumer Behavior in Online Shopping: A Study in Lucknow City”

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Madan Gowda KJ, Nila A Chotai, Hemanshu Yadav


Purpose: The objective of this study is to analyze the purchasing patterns of consumers towards online shopping in Lucknow City, by examining the factors that affect their buying decisions and gauging theiroverall satisfaction levels with online products.

Methodology: The study uses descriptive research methodology and employs judgmental sampling design. The sample size of the study is 101 individuals from Chinhat and BBD Campus in Lucknow.

Conclusion: The result of the study reflects that purchasing goods online is becoming more popular in Lucknow. Consumers are attracted to online shopping due to convenience, time- saving, prestige, and ease of purchase. The study also reveals that safety and security-oriented websites are favored by most online shoppers, while some feel that online marketing is insecure and may cause cash fraud. Overall, the study concludes that consumers in Lucknow City are generally satisfied with their purchase through the internet experience. The study's results can assist marketers in understanding the needs and preferences of consumers and help improve their products and promotional activities in online marketing. The study provides insights into the changing attitudes and preferences of consumers, which can be helpful in developing effective marketing strategies for online retailers.

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