Adapting to the Pandemic: The Influence of Digital Media on the Indian Automobile Sector

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Asha Bhatia, Neha Khandelwal


This study examines the impact of the pandemic on the digital media strategies employed by the Indian automobile Sector. It explores the changes and adaptations that have occurred in various aspects of digital media, including consumer behaviour, digital advertising strategies, online sales and e-commerce, virtual showrooms and test drives, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, digital customer support, data analytics and insights, and mobile marketing. A total of 182 employees from various industry sectors participated in the survey, which employed structured questionnaires and a random sampling method. The main aim was to assess the degree to which the pandemic has affected digital media in the Indian automobile industry. The results revealed a significant and substantial influence of the pandemic on the digital media of the Indian automobile industry. The study also analyzes the influence of gender, qualification, age, and designation on these impacts. The findings reveal the profound transformations that have taken place in the Indian automobile industry's digital media practices as a result of the pandemic, while also highlighting the exceptions observed in the experience group of employees. These findings offer valuable insights for Sector stakeholders, enabling them to adapt and realign their digital media strategies to effectively address the challenges posed by the pandemic.

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