A Qualitative and Quantitative Study to Analyze the Impact of Government Millets Promotion Scheme on Awareness Among Indian Households

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Kalpana Kataria, Arshi Zareen


The present study aims to explore the impact of government funded schemes and programmes to aware consumers of millets and its nutritional benefits. The study is based on qualitative and quantitative data. For the same quantitative data was composed through self-structured questionnaire and convenient random sampling technique. The SPSS 26 version was used to analyse the data. And for the qualitative data, MOFPI Agricultural and ICAR Annual Report 2022 and 2023. The findings of the study concluded that in spite of government heavy expenditure on millets promotion schemes, consumers are aware of millets only because of family traditions. In this led, consumers are not aware of the government millets promotional schemes. Even those are aware of nutritional benefits of millets are not able to consume because of not easy to cook, tasteless and price also matters in low- income group. The present government is doing best efforts to create awareness among the Indian households and but still there are some areas to be covered to make it more impactful. In this sense, the government should make more efforts towards subsidization of millets cultivation in respective states of India and some “Minimum Support Price” must be fixed for all types of millets so that in agriculture sector, farmers could be motivated to cultivate every variety of millet and supply can be enhanced. This will lower the price of millets and low-income group consumers can afford to consume millets.

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