Impact of Digital Transformation on Women Entrepreneurs in Delhi

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Anila Singh, Mohender Pal Gupta


The growing digitalization of the Indian economy has unquestionably transformed corporate environments. However, the impact of this transition on female entrepreneurs, a critical but understudied category, is still being determined. This study investigates the specific implications of digital transformation on female entrepreneurs in Delhi, a thriving metropolis at the vanguard of India's digital revolution. This study delves into the ways in which female entrepreneurs in Delhi perceive and approach technological innovation. The survey's sample was chosen using a straightforward random sampling method. Primary data will be collected from small and medium-sized industries. Data was collected using Google forms and a questionnaire, and 125 samples were returned that could be used in this investigation. Using a reliability test, descriptive analysis, and chi-square analysis, the study found out how female entrepreneurs felt about technical advancement.  The data suggests that the term "digitalization" serves as a motivating factor for female entrepreneurs. Because of this survey, female entrepreneurs exhibit a demand for tangible outcomes in their technological advancements for their enterprises.

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