Exploring the Literary Landscapes: A Journey through the Contrasting Realms of English Literature in the North and the South

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Dr. Eeshani Sarswat, Dr Sudhakar Rajaram Ingole, Dr. Rudresh Pandey
Dr. Vinaya Kumari, Dr. Meera Kapoor, Dr. Anupam Sharma


This research paper embarks on a captivating exploration of the contrasting literary landscapes found in the North and South regions of India, delving into the rich tapestry of English literature that has flourished in these distinct cultural realms. The study aims to unravel the unique nuances and influences that shape the literary expressions emanating from these regions, shedding light on the divergent socio-cultural contexts that have given rise to a myriad of voices. In the North, the analysis encompasses the impact of Mughal and Persian influences, the exploration of historical epics, and the fusion of traditional storytelling with modern perspectives. Conversely, the Southern Literary Realm scrutinizes the interplay of Dravidian cultural elements, the significance of classical languages, and the emergence of contemporary voices rooted in regional identities. Through comparative analysis and close examination of selected literary texts, this research reveals the stark disparities between Northern and Southern English literature. While Northern literature often reflects the tumultuous history and political upheavals of the region, Southern literature tends to draw inspiration from its rich heritage of mythology, folklore, and classical traditions.Through this comprehensive examination, the research endeavors to provide a nuanced understanding of the variegated literary landscapes that contribute to the rich mosaic of English literature in India.

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