An Analytic Study of The Relationship Between Internet Connectivity and Productivity in The Workplace

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Prof. (Dr.) Laxman Kumar Tripathy, Dr. Laxmidhar Biswal
Prof. Rohini Nikam, Prof. Pooja Karekar


In the present study, the effect of the use of the Internet and digital technology in business has been discussed. From the study, It is clear that the slow connectivity and the lack of experience are the issues how far the internet connectivity is concerned. The employment of skilled and expert employees in the business is one of the most vital influences for the growth of the business products.

The primary quantitative method has been used in the study with responses of the 75 people. The SPSS software also used in the research for the better analysis of the result. Statistical analysis through SPSS software has been done to evaluate the effects of technology on employee learning outcomes. The significant value less than 0.05 has denoted the independent variables are highly signified with Dependent Variables.

 Internet connectivity has a mixture of different factors that can be utilised to boost productivity at the workplace. Recently, globalisation has been revealed to progress contest, and trades require manners to build an acceptable benefit. It is concluded that the workplace productivity is the extreme time hired by employees to manage and deliver choice consequences. In a competitive atmosphere in the workplace, satisfactory productivity has been expanded by keeping adequate resources.


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