Building Lasting Relationships with Customer-Centric Digital Marketing

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Dr. Gangu Naidu Mandala, Ms. Garima Bora, Dr. R. Krishna Vardhan Reddy
Dr. K. Suresh Kumar, Mohammed Rizvi, Dr. Satyajee Srivastava


With the rise of digital marketing, businesses need to focus on their customers more than ever if they want to get and keep fan base. There is a lot of focus on knowledge, participation, and improvement in this short essay about customer-centered digital marketing strategies. Demographics, hobbies, and buying habits are all very important for businesses to know who they're selling to and how to best reach them. The next step is to start a personalised marketing effort that will send each customer digital messages as well as deals that are more relevant to their interests. When customers are involved in the communication process through social media, email marketing, and other channels, they are more likely to be loyal to a company and build stronger relationships with it. Keep an eye on key measures like customer satisfaction, retention rates, and the return on investment (ROI) to see if business is adapting its digital marketing to meet the needs of chosen audience. The most important things about digital marketing are that it can change and connect with customers. In this digital age, businesses that want to be successful in the long-term focus on getting the best return on their investments and making sure their customers are happy. In today's complicated market, this report summarises why customer-centered digital marketing tactics are so important.

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