Role of Incubation Centers in Educational Institutions in Motivating Start-up Entrepreneurs: An Empirical Investigation of B-School Graduates

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Parul Dixit, Uttam Kumar, Reeta Rautela, Sujatha G L


Incubation centres located within educational institutions are a vital source of motivation for budding entrepreneurs, particularly those who have graduated from B-Schools, since they offer a fostering environment conducive to idea development and business growth. For aspiring business owners, these centres provide access to crucial services like shared office spaces, networking events, funding options, and mentorship. Additionally, they promote innovation and creativity by facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration between students, instructors, and professionals in the field. Graduates are empowered to turn their company ideas into successful companies by incubation centres, which provide hands-on training, workshops, and coaching on many facets of entrepreneurship. Additionally, entrepreneurs' drive and confidence are boosted by the reinforcement and recognition they receive from these programmes, which inspires them to fervently pursue their entrepreneurial goals. In general, by giving B-School graduates the required assistance and encouragement when they set out on their business path, incubation centres act as accelerators for entrepreneurial success. A sample of 271 respondents was collected. The variables that identify the Role of Incubation Centers in Educational Institutions in Motivating Start-up Entrepreneurs are Skill Enhancement, Networking Opportunities, Encouraging Innovations, and Entrepreneurial Mindset.

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