Digital Marketing Strategies to Improve Customer Experience and Engagement

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Dr. Niharika Bajeja


For businesses to stay ahead and grow in this digital age, they need to use smart digital marketing tactics to make the customer experience better and get them more involved. To show how important it is to improve relationships with and happiness from customers, this study looks at how digital marketing has changed over time. A lot of research and review went into this study. It looks at new trends like personalized marketing, interactive content, and the use of new technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The main point of the study is to find out how digital marketing affects customer happiness and loyalty to find out how engagement metrics and marketing success are linked. By comparing their results to industry standards, businesses can make their plans better and take advantage of growth opportunities. Secondary data comes from business reports, academic literature, and online databases. It guides the study and helps find useful insights. Because it looks at different results and shows the best ways to do things, this study helps businesses that want to improve their digital marketing and connect with their audience in a real way in the digital world we live in now.

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