The Role of Gender Diversity in Horticulture: Strategies for Encouraging Women Participation in The Field

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Venkata Ramaiah Turlapati, Ajit S., Dr Sundarapandiyan Natarajan
Dr. Biswo Ranjan Mishra, Dr. Lenin S, Dr. A. Muthulakshmi


This study examines the critical dimensions of gender diversity within the horticulture sector, with a particular focus on addressing the pervasive issue of workplace harassment faced by women. Gender diversity is explored within the context of its broad spectrum, extending beyond traditional binary constructs to encompass a diverse range of gender identities. A demographic analysis of respondents reveals a diverse sample characterized by varying age groups, community backgrounds, marital statuses, and family types. This diversity highlights the necessity for tailored strategies to effectively address the multifaceted challenges and opportunities associated with promoting gender diversity and inclusivity within the horticulture sector.

The study unveils concerning findings regarding women's experiences of workplace harassment, including instances of unwelcome conduct, sexually colored remarks, humiliating treatment, and gender-based discrimination. These findings emphasize the urgent need for implementing comprehensive policies and procedures aimed at combatting harassment and discrimination, thereby fostering a workplace culture rooted in respect, equality, and safety. In conclusion, this study sheds light on the imperative of prioritizing gender diversity initiatives and addressing workplace harassment within the horticulture sector.

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