An Analytical Study on the Challenges of E-Learning in Higher Education

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Amita Sharma, Mohd. Imran, Anshuman Sharma


The emergence of e-learning, which offers unmatched access to knowledge and flexible study opportunities, has revolutionized higher education. But this big change comes with certain difficulties. The critical analysis examines the various difficulties with e-learning in higher education and their effects on students. From the vast literature, lists of difficulties faced by the students were prepared. The final list that consisted of 11 issues faced by the students, were finalized for the data collection purposes. The sample study included 472 respondents which includes the students of Uttarakhand. The study data was gathered through a survey method. Five-point Likert scale was used to measure the data. Further the “principal component analysis (PCA)” applied to extract the principal components or most important issue from a multidimensional data. The challenges identified in the study were “Academic challenge”, “Technological challenge” and “Infrastructure challenge”. The result states that the academic challenge was the major issue in e-learning quality and to a larger extend the universities are working in these areas.

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