Creating organizing and indexing digital video contents using frame similarity value techniques using hierarchical clustering techniques

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D. Saravanan, Dennis Joseph, KVSSN Murty, Sindhuja P.N.


Due to various factors across all media, the volume of data created each year is endlessly growing. Videos are one type of media that embeds graphical, signal, auditory, and printed material. The researchers need efficient grouping approaches for the video data, given this enormous amount of information. The attributes of the objects are used to determine similarities like Distance among the frames, pixel value, and any additional common factors that are the essential properties. The main impartial of this effort is to conclude how different clustering techniques work for image segmentation. Here, clustering is defined as a collection of related sources it may be printed documents, photos, auditory and more.  Clustering is done to produce valuable results, efficient data storage, and quick retrieval across a range of applications.

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