Analyzing the Impact and Influence of Green Marketing Communication in Consumers' Green Purchase Behaviour

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Ajay Patil, A. Abdhul Rahim, Spoorthi R, Neha Bhatia, Tapas Upadhyay, Kumar Rahul


Green Marketing Communication in consumers' green purchase behavior is essential in the context of increasing environmental awareness and the growing importance of sustainability in consumer choices. This background provides an overview of the key factors and motivations that drive consumers' green purchase behavior and the role of marketing communication in influencing these choices. GMC has emerged as a pivotal tool in shaping consumers' green purchase behavior, driving a paradigm shift towards sustainability. The paper explored the multifaceted impact and influence of green marketing communication on consumers, analyzing the key dynamics that contribute to a more eco-conscious marketplace. The study delves into the role of green marketing in fostering increased environmental awareness, building trust and credibility, shaping consumer perceptions, creating a competitive advantage, influencing purchase intentions, and encouraging broader sustainable lifestyles. The research seeks to investigate the factors that contribute to successful green marketing communication and its impact on consumers' perceptions and preferences for sustainable products. Additionally, the study aims to address challenges such as the potential skepticism due to green washing and the role of transparency in building consumer trust. The communication of sustainable and eco-friendly attributes creates a sense of responsibility and awareness among consumers, influencing their purchasing decisions. However, it is crucial for businesses to ensure transparency and authenticity in their green marketing efforts to build trust and credibility. As consumers become more conscientious about their environmental impact, green marketing communication will likely continue to play a crucial role in fostering sustainable consumption patterns and driving positive change towards a greener and more eco-conscious future.

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