Artificial Intelligence in Employee Performance Evaluation and Its Managerial Implication

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Hina Riaz, Seema Ghanghas


Since last decade usage of information technology has been increased drastically and artificial intelligence has taken a big leap absorbed into organizational culture of almost every department who surges to be updated and keep the competitive edge thus human resource management is not untouched too. Despite of tremendous research being done in the field of AI yet a dearth of proper research is found questioning the authenticity, rationality, and equability of AI/ML tools in business settings. This paper focuses on the perspective of relying on AI/ML in the process of employee performance management framing Artificial Intelligence performance measurement system integration using learning algorithms to make the evaluation a real-time process much easier, accurate, unbiased and fair. The managerial outlook of AI integrated performance appraisal results in strategic decision making, enhance levels of employee performance, employee commitment, satisfaction and reduced employee turnover behavior.

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