A Resource-Based View Assessment of Big Data Analysis and Its Impact on Strategic Human Resources Quality Management Systems

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Dr. K. Suresh Kumar, Dr. Priyanka Sharma, Dr. Divyesh Kumar
Dr. Sireesha Nanduri, Dr. Lakshmi. V, Dr. H. K. Manjula


Big data analysis is a process to analyze all the structured and unstructured and semi structured data collected from different types of sources. Therefore, collecting proper data and information from different sources is very important for any business organization and analysis of those data is also important. Thus, collecting information from different sources helps to gain knowledge about the demands and needs of the customers and market. Whereas analyzing all the data helps to understand the market trends which are helpful to enhance business performance. Apart from that, human resource management is another important system of any business organization. Therefore, human resource management is a strategy process or system which helps to enhance the productivity of the business organizations. Along with that there is a big impact of big data analysis on the human resources management system and the impacts are analyzed in this particular research study. On the other hand, the purpose of this research study is to analyze the concept of resource based big data analysis. Apart from that, the impact of big data analysis on the strategic human resource management systems of the business organizations is another purpose of this particular research study. Thereafter the researcher has adopted several types of techniques and methods for collecting more information and analyzing all the data. Furthermore, research has used the secondary methods and the sources for collecting some accurate and genuine data about big data analysis and human resource management systems. Apart from that the research has used the qualitative techniques for analyzing all the collected data in a systematic review. Therefore, the uses of secondary sources help the researcher to gain knowledge about the process of big data analysis and the process of human resource management. Thus, impact of big data analysis on the human resource management system is analyzed in this particular research study.

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