Recruitment and the Role of Hr in Talent Acquisition: Optimal Methods for Hiring Top Talent

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Sona Vikas, Ashish Mathur, Sneha Adavi, John Mohmmed Pasha Shaik, A. Seshachalam


Acquiring exceptional individuals is a crucial procedure for organisations aiming to have a high-achieving and competitive workforce. Utilising efficient strategies in recruitment guarantees that the organisation attracts, evaluates, and employs the most competent individuals. Talent Acquisition is the deliberate and purposeful process of discovering, attracting, and obtaining highly competent personnel to fulfil an organization's present and future requirements. It surpasses conventional recruitment methods by integrating a thorough approach that is in harmony with the organization's objectives, culture, and long-term plan. Talent Acquisition is primarily concerned with establishing a pool of highly skilled individuals and ensuring a favourable experience for these prospects.  This study centres on the literature pertaining to recruitment and the crucial function of Human Resources (HR) in talent acquisition, with a specific focus on investigating the most effective approaches for recruiting exceptional individuals. The literature covers several topics including strategic personnel planning, employer branding, proactive sourcing, technological integration, and the ongoing enhancement of recruitment procedures. Through careful examination of these factors, organisations can improve their capacity to attract, evaluate, and retain the most highly skilled applicants, thereby aligning with their long-term business objectives.

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