A Model to Categorize Students’ Perception on Endorsing Massive Open Online Courses

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Anand Sasikumar, Mousumi Sengupta


Open distance learning (ODL) is a comprehensive approach to extend access to standard learning and enable students to be independent learners which leads to improvement in success and better participation in an open and symbiotic environment. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are courses that are intended for infinite involvement and open access through the internet. Though there are several inherent benefits of MOOCs, it is observed that the collective adoption of MOOCs is still very slow. An Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) methodology is used to prioritize the importance of factors inducing the decision of students to adopt MOOCs. The model mainly considers three factors and subsequently eight sub-factors are considered for classification. The data was obtained from 200 students by using convenience sampling and the results of the study suggest that scholastic recognition, enhancement of skill, and affordability are critical factors that B-school students take into consideration while taking up MOOCs courses.

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