The Mediating Role of Work Engagement between Happiness at Work and Employee Performance: Smart PLS Approach

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Komal Nagar, Dr. Surekha Rana, Anurag Kasana


This study aimed to determine the role of work engagement as a mediator in the relationship between employee happiness at work and employee performance. The research was carried out on people who were employed in the IT sector in the cities of Noida and Gurugram located in the NCR region. A structured adapted questionnaire was used. The statistical software Smart PLS 4 was used to analyze the gathered data. The analysis focused on the measurement model, structural model, and then the model’s out of sample prediction. Findings shows that happiness at work affects the job engagement. Job engagement affects employee performance. Happiness at work also affects the employee performance. Job engagement partially mediates the relationship between happiness at work and employee performance. Additionally, model has a considerable amount of prediction power that is find out on the model’s out of sample prediction power. This model can be utilized in subsequent research endeavors. The utilization of job engagement for the first time as a mediator between happiness and performance is a significant contribution to the originality of this study.

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