Soulful Workplace: Unveiling the Spiritual Dimensions of Indian Banking Industry

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Akshay Kumara, Priyanka Murriab


                The modern management discipline is highly interested in integrating spirituality into management practices to foster an environment where employees feel interconnected with one another and the larger purpose of the business. The purpose of the present article is to ascertain whether the culture of the Indian banking industry at the branch level, involving various public and private sector banking institutions, fosters spiritual values at the workplace and whether or not employees experience spirituality fulfillment at work while upholding the banks' fundamental values. The Workplace Spirituality and the Spiritual Fulfillment questionnaire were administered to obtain the complete information from 342 respondents. Data analyses were performed using SPSS version 26. The findings suggest that the branch-level employees consider the culture of their banking institutions upholding spiritual values, besides experiencing spiritual fulfillment at work and embodying the fundamental values. The outcomes of the present article render an opportunity to evaluate the interconnectedness between workplace spirituality, employee job satisfaction, and embracing fundamental banking values. The authors believe replicating the findings might realize the positive outcomes of a more spiritual workplace throughout the whole network and hierarchy of the banking sector.

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