Impact of NABH Accreditation on Service Quality of Hospitals in Bengaluru and Tumakuru City

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Mrs. Swathi S, Dr. Srinath T K, Dr. Suplab Kanti Podder


Maintaining quality in service is the central magnetism of the organizational ethos that fulfill the customer’s expectation and ensure the maximum level of satisfaction. The concept is more relevant in the hospital services. Enhancing the quality of care is not only the basic need for the hospitals but has become an important element to survive in the market. The motive of the research study was to understand the importance of maintaining service quality in hospital that can satisfy the customers’ expectation and build a goodwill for the long run survival. The research was conducted based on the primary and secondary sources of data that designated the inclusive representation of the principal motive. In the present research study, both descriptive and exploratory research design were implemented and the data were collected from the selected stakeholders of NABH accredited hospitals in Bengaluru and Tumakuru. Six chapters for NABH standards five dimensions of SERVQUAL by A. Parasuraman was considered for the research. The independent and dependent variables were identified and multiple regression analysis was executed for data analysis using SPSS software. Correlation was done in order to examine the extent of influence of independent variable on dependent variable with confidence level of 95%. The principal outcome of the research indicates that hospitals with NABH accreditation, maintain the service quality parameters and ensure the better healthcare services to the patients.

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