Determinants of Consumers’ Attitudes Towards AI-Enabled Advertising Over Social Media in Indian Context: Applying and Extending the Technology Acceptance Model

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Arun Kumar, Mrinalini Pandey, Abhishek Kumar


The current research endeavours to explore the perspectives of social media users regarding the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for advertising over social media platforms to cultivate a positive disposition towards advertising content showcased on these platforms. The study specifically focuses on the Indian context and employs the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as a framework for analysis. Additionally, this investigation introduces an extra construct, “Perceived Trustworthiness”, into the TAM framework and assesses its relevance. Data for this study were gathered from a sample size of 258 participants, including both undergraduate and postgraduate students, utilising a convenience sampling approach. Structural Equation Modeling, implemented through AMOS 21, was employed to analyse the collected data comprehensively. The results indicate that the TAM framework strongly supports the relationship between attitude towards social media usage, attitude towards AI-enabled social media advertising, and the consequential impact on purchase intention.

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