The Role of Media in Shaping Perceptions of Women's Empowerment: Challenges and Opportunities for Change

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Bhup Singh Gaur, Binoyjyoti Das, Dr. Apoorva Misra
Dr. Sanjeeb Mallick, Dr. Jigneshkumar B. Patel, Monika


This paper delves into the complex role of media in influencing perceptions of women's empowerment, highlighting the various obstacles and possibilities for transformation. Through a meticulous examination of the available literature, this study offers valuable insights into the impact of media on societal perceptions of women's empowerment. The paper thoroughly examines the portrayal of women in traditional media outlets and the changing landscape of digital platforms by analysing secondary data from various academic sources. The findings shed light on the intricate relationship between media portrayals and efforts to empower women, underscoring the importance of actively analysing media stories to promote substantial advancements. The study highlights the impact of media on shaping and reinforcing societal views on gender, which in turn can shape public opinion and policy decisions. Moreover, the analysis highlights the significance of digital media in offering fresh avenues for women's voices, while also posing novel obstacles like online harassment and misinformation. In conclusion, the paper highlights the significance of media literacy and advocacy in addressing gender stereotypes and advancing gender equality. There is a need for greater awareness and education to empower audiences to evaluate media content in a discerning manner, resulting in a more balanced portrayal of women in media stories.

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