Online Shopping Behavior: Factors Affecting Consumer Trust and Purchase Intensions in E-commerce

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Chennakeshi Ganesh, Dr. Sapna Mathur, Dr. Yogendra Singh
Anand Brahmbhatt, Dr. Christabell Joseph, Dr. Prakashraj P. Kumavat


This is new era of shopping and buying almost anything. The customer does not have to shake a leg to secure or get hold of anything. Just a little time and few clicks on the online shopping platform will do the job. But as the offline shopping patterns have changed so have changed the shopping style and preferences of the customers. Now they have plentiful of choices, delivery preferences, types of discounts and perks. Despite of all these the people who do not shop online are a common finding. What are the reasons that they do not have trust or is trust a stable feature among whose who regularly shop online are the skeptical aspects that have been explored in this paper.

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