E-commerce Elegance: Examining the Role of Digital Marketing in Shaping Women's Cosmetic Preferences

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Rachna Poswal , Dr. Narinder Tanwar


Online advertisements have had a significant influence on the purchasing habits of the general public. In India, the most of the businesses are ditching the brick-and-mortar retail model in favour of online shopping. A slew of aspects in online advertising affect consumers' purchasing decisions. With the rise of new companies and online shopping sites, internet retailing in India is experiencing a surge in popularity. Women shoppers play a significant role in the growth of online shopping across an extensive array of of platforms and apps. As a result of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as well as shopping apps like Mantra, Sephora, and Amazon and Myntra, women have access to a plethora of national and international cosmetic businesses through online advertising. It was an online advertising campaign that drove women in Haryana to emerge from their shells. The most pressing issue is how to use internet advertising to attract female customers to online and social media platforms. Researchers conducted this study to learn what factors influence women's preferences for different cosmetic goods, with a focus on how online marketing affect Haryana's women and the consequent shifts in their shopping behaviours. Findings from this study reveal a clear link between online advertising and how women chose cosmetic products while shopping online. Analytical surveying was the method used in this investigation. The goal of this research is in order to assess the effects of online marketing on Haryana women's purchasing habits for cosmetics. Explanatory inferences can be drawn from the findings of this study, which investigates variable-variable relationships. Research shows that women in Haryana are open to online advertisements for cosmetics on social media platforms, smartphone applications and retail websites.

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