Improving Educational Performance through Effective Performance Management Systems

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Dr Shaik Balkhis Banu, Dr. P. Thamaraiselvi, Dr G Saravana kumar
Dr Harshada Aurangabadkar, Dr. R. Rajamoorthi, K Priyanka


Examining the effectiveness of performance management systems in improving academic attainment in the UK is the goal of this research. Using a mixed-methods approach, we investigate the relationship between performance management techniques (such as goal-setting and feedback effectiveness) and academic and professional outcomes. Using regression analysis and theme analysis of qualitative data, we find considerable positive relationships between educational performance measures and performance management techniques. The findings emphasize the need to put in place robust performance management systems in order to promote a mindset of continuous improvement and accountability among educators. The study's conclusions might benefit lawmakers, administrators, and educators by enhancing performance management practices and implementing positive classroom reform. Further research is required to fully understand performance management's multiple elements and wide-ranging effects. All things considered, this study offers workable ways to raise student accomplishment and enhance educational outcomes, which advances the UK educational system further.

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