Creating a Successful Prerelease Marketing Strategy for an Experiential Product: A Case Study of the Upcoming Prequel to the Kantara Movie

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Nanda Kishore Shetty, Rajat Shaha, Sachin Kamath K, Manaswini Achuthan, Vignesh V C


This case study follows Kishore, a marketing strategist, and his team of four management professionals as they tackle the challenge of developing a successful marketing strategy for an experiential product, the upcoming prequel to the blockbuster Kantara movie, which was released in 2022. With the announcement of the prequel by the production house, Kishore is tasked with questions of replicating past success, managing audience expectations, and maximizing ROI with a larger budget. Their journey involves extensive research and analysis to uncover the secrets to a triumphant campaign for the promotion of the Kantara prequel.

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