Impact of Residential Status on Customer’s Perception towards Products’ Promotional Strategies

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Suchita Gera, Dimpal Roy, Rahul Pant, Krishnanand Shah


 The study investigates how consumers' residential locations influence their perceptions of promotional strategies employed by different brands. In the dynamic landscape of marketing, understanding the role of residential status in shaping consumer attitudes towards promotional efforts is pivotal for businesses aiming to tailor their strategies to diverse demographic segments.

The research aims to discern whether consumers residing in different settings, such as urban, suburban, and rural areas, exhibit distinct responses to promotional strategies. Additionally, the study seeks to identify the underlying factors contributing to these variations, including cultural, social, and economic influences.

This study contributes to both academic understanding and practical application. Academically, it enriches the literature on consumer behavior by exploring the impact of residential status on perceptions of promotional strategies. For industry practitioners, the findings offer actionable insights, enabling marketers to design targeted and contextually relevant promotional campaigns. As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, this research sheds light on the intricate dynamics between residential status and consumer perceptions, providing valuable guidance for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of contemporary promotional strategies.

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