Perceived Parenting Practices among Different Nations Under the influence of Culture, Religion and Beliefs: A Review of Reported Studies

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Inderpal Singh Kohli, Nahid Parveen


Parents engage in various practices to grow their children and develop their psychopathology and social behaviors. Hence, a parent’s style of interactions, beliefs, and methods for growing their child, called parenting practices, is very crucial. Parenting is a dynamic and intricate process that is greatly influenced by the social, religious, and cultural backgrounds of parents, and this is true for the majority of nations worldwide. To explore the perceived parenting styles among different nations under the influence of their culture, religion, and beliefs, the present research article has reviewed the different studies reported from 2015 to 2022. All such studies for this review were selected from the Scoups and SCI libraries after a rigorous screening process. This review will help to choose and refer to the best parenting style among parents to raise positive parenting, which will lead to fewer behavioral issues and greater mental health among children. In addition to this, the prevalence of different parenting styles worldwide and their disparities will also be explored.

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