The Study of Artificial Marketing tools used in Indian Cosmetic Industry and its impact on Consumer Behaviour

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Prof. Jinal Pandya , Dr. Satuluri Padma


This research paper investigates the profound influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing tools on consumer buying behaviours within the burgeoning landscape of the cosmetic industry. With technology becoming increasingly intertwined with beauty and personal care, this study aims to dissect the multifaceted relationship between AI interventions and consumer choices.

Through a comprehensive review of existing literature, the research seeks to identify patterns and trends in how AI-driven marketing strategies shape the decision-making processes of cosmetic consumers. The study focuses on a spectrum of AI tools employed in the industry, including virtual try-on experiences, personalized product recommendations, and AI-powered chatbots, exploring their impact on consumer perceptions, preferences, and purchasing decisions.

The descriptive analysis will unveil the nuances of how AI algorithms interpret and respond to individual consumer data, tailoring marketing strategies to align with diverse beauty preferences. Furthermore, the research will explore the role of augmented reality in transforming the cosmetic shopping experience, offering consumers a virtual lens into product usage before making informed choices.

By shedding light on the intricate interplay between AI marketing tools and consumer behaviours in the cosmetic industry, this paper aims to provide valuable insights for cosmetic brands, marketers, and policymakers. Understanding the dynamics of this relationship is crucial for the industry's stakeholders as they navigate the evolving landscape of beauty and technology, ensuring that AI interventions not only meet consumer expectations but also contribute positively to the overall cosmetic purchasing experience.

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