Factors Influencing the Decision Behaviour of Gen -Z To Invest in Cryptocurrency: An Application of Utaut Model

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Dhruv Gupta, Kartik Garg, Vikas Goel, Prabhjot kaur, Bhavneet Kaur, Tanush Gupta


Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are increasingly popularity, there is still much to learn about the variables that affect cryptocurrency investment. This study aims to investigate and evaluate the different factors influencing Gen-Z's attitude towards bitcoin investments. Using the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) paradigm, this research paper intends to examine the variables that affect Gen-Z investors' decisions regarding cryptocurrencies. The study looks into how many factors, such as performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social impact, and enabling conditions, play a part in and affect Gen-Z's intention to invest in cryptocurrencies. A survey-based approach was employed to collect data, the questionnaire was circulated with 200 potential respondents out of which 105 filled the questionnaire. The SPSS programme was used to analyse the findings. Reliability tests, correlations, regression tables, and descriptive frequencies served as the foundation for the analysis. From the research it was concluded that Performance Expectancy, Effort Expectancy, Social Influencers and Facilitating Conditions have a significant impact on the decision behavior of Gen-Z to invest in crypto currency. It is possible to do more study to examine how demographic factors like income levels, educational attainment, and gender affect cryptocurrency investment behaviour.

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