Shift in Customers Buying Behaviour towards Online Shopping

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Kajal Sharma, Chanchal Chawla


The widespread use of the internet and developments in e-commerce have led to a notable change in consumer purchasing patterns away from traditional brick-and-mortar retailers and toward online marketplaces. This study attempts to investigate the elements influencing the change in consumer purchasing patterns and to assess the effects of this development on the economy, society, and enterprises. In order to investigate the shifting trends in customer expectations and preferences, the study uses a mixed-methods approach that incorporates both qualitative and quantitative data. It also makes use of survey data, case studies, and a thorough analysis of the literature. Important elements including price, accessibility, ease of use, social media's impact, and customer confidence are carefully examined to see how they affect the dynamics of changing online buying. Additionally, the study evaluates how this change in customer behavior may affect digital marketing tactics, traditional retail formats, and consumer protection laws. The purpose of the research is to give a thorough understanding of how consumer behavior is changing. Retailers, marketers, and legislators may use this information to better navigate the opportunities and problems brought about by the e-commerce revolution.

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